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Building lifelong sailors!
​Why Should Your Child Spend Time Sailing? 

Sailing provides a wealth of experiences, positive friendships over a wide age range, and a close and cooperative relationship with nature. Sailing builds maturity and self-confidence. When a child learns to move an OPTI  (small sailboat) in the direction they intend, they know they have accomplished it on their own. They are alone on the boat, making decisions that directly affect the success or failure of their efforts. They engage in these efforts in a safe, supportive, and beautiful environment. They make lifelong friends and learn to love an activity that will provide them with challenges for as long as they live. 

Finally, it is a sport that allows girls and boys a level playing field, with equal chances of success; thereby creating an environment of mutual respect and healthy competition.  There might be nothing in the world that packs as many life lessons as sailing does. It teaches teamwork, engineering, history, patience, oceanography, ecology… all in one fell swoop.

About the Youth Sailing Development Program

We offer young sailors between the ages of 7-19 an opportunity to learn and hone skills that will last them lifetime. The mission of the SMAP Youth Sailing Program is to be the leading youth sailing program in Panama for the Optimist among other classes. SMAP seeks to teach young sailors to have fun, learn lifelong boating skills, develop good personal character, and compete at the highest levels.

Our year-round sailing program is based on beautiful Shelter Bay Marina and ranges from introductory one-week summer camp sessions for beginners to weekly sessions during the rainy season (April to October) and the dry season (January to March) for more advanced sailors.
Our advanced programs have an emphasis on racing. We also offer private lessons and clinics for those sailors in our program interested in more advanced and personalized one-on-one or small group instruction.
The program utilizes the single-handed (solo crew) Optimist (“Opti”) dinghy for our younger sailors (ages 7-12) and the double-handed (dual crew)  RS QUBA / FEVA  for our teen participants. We also use the RS QUEST for 15+ yro as triple-handed sailing and advanced courses such as Spinnaker and Trapeze training.

Mission & Goals

  • Provide a safe environment for sailing instruction

  • Develop children’s self-confidence

  • Teach children respect for other people and property

  • Develop children’s appreciation of and respect for weather

  • and the sea

  • Expose youngsters and their families to the enjoyment of

  • sailing

  • Teach youngsters safe boat handling, seamanship, and

  • sportsmanship

  • Help youngsters learn to sail

  • Help youngsters learn techniques of one-design racing and

  • to help them fully develop their one-design racing skills

  • Promote youth sailing competition

  • Make learning to sail a pleasant experience for all students

Sailing and College Admissions

Like many sports, your participation in sailing can help your chances of gaining admittance into the college of your choice. Today, colleges are looking for students who are equally academically qualified and who have demonstrated a passion for something and followed through on it over time. Sailing can be that passion. Being a great sailor is no substitute for academic achievement. However, being an accomplished sailor can help set you apart from the crowd.

To learn more about our Youth Sailing Development Program, click HERE


Summer Camps

Weekly camp sessions during June and August & January and February. 

Monday to Friday

10am to 4pm 


Learn To Sail

The program is specifically geared toward younger sailors (ages 7-15) and is organized into summer camps and an introductory Green Fleet and advanced Red, White, and Blue “RWB” Fleets.


High School Sailing

Competitive sailing for students interested in forming a team and representing their school in the High School Sailing League. For information, reach out to us! dis


Optimist Program

The Optimist (or “Opti” for short) is an International Class small, single-handed (solo crew) dinghy for children 7 to 15 yro., is excellent for learning basic sailing skills. It's stable and can accommodate a wide range of child sizes and sailing abilities. It is one of the most popular class of dinghies in the world, with over 150,000 registered vessels, and ideal for young sailors who are just starting to sail and more advanced sailors interested in racing competitively.
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