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For the Parents

The success of the SMAP race program heavily relies on the dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who help us manage our events. Under the guidance of the Regatta Chairperson and/or the Principal Race Officer (PRO), there are three main areas where volunteers contribute to the race committee activities:

Parents volunteers at signal boat during a SMAP regatta

Race Committee Signal Boat

The signal boat, typically SMAP's Hipocampo, serves as the command center for race management. Led by the Principal Race Officer, this team includes individuals responsible for timing, signals, sounds, and record-keeping. They handle tasks such as course setup, race scheduling, communication with racers, and recording race starts and finishes.

Parents volunteers at signal boat during a SMAP regatta

Support Boats

The support boat teams play a crucial role in setting up and adjusting the course markers based on changing wind conditions. They are also responsible for ensuring the safety of the racers by promptly responding to any on-water issues that may arise.

Race committee volunteers

On Shore

Onshore responsibilities involve setting up race equipment, managing competitor check-ins, and assisting with meals for volunteers and scoring. During larger regattas, volunteers oversee additional activities like arranging regatta meals, organizing entertainment, and handling regatta merchandise.

Participating in the race committee not only provides an opportunity to meet fellow club members but also facilitates learning and expanding one's knowledge of sailboat racing. You can easily volunteer for a specific event by clicking on the volunteer link provided on the relevant racing calendar page. Non-members are also welcome to volunteer. The PRO will contact you before the race to coordinate your involvement. The Racing page provides access to the Race Calendar, where you can view all upcoming events.

To streamline volunteer coordination, we encourage you to create and maintain a volunteer profile in our database. This allows us to search for and contact you when a need arises. Please visit the Volunteer Portal to create your profile, sign up for events, or request the addition of your upcoming regatta to the calendar.

We deeply appreciate your assistance and eagerly look forward to working with you in making our race program a success.


Race management people in sailboat racing, especially at the amateur level are not paid!

Race management is typically a volunteer position, and race managers are responsible for organizing and running the races. They make sure that the races are fair and safe, and they resolve any disputes that may arise.

If you are interested in becoming a race manager at SMAP, you can start by volunteering at our local regattas. This will give you the opportunity to learn the ropes and gain experience. Once you have some experience, you can start applying for paid race management positions, after completing certified training. 


Become a volunteer 

To volunteer, please click on the button below and fill out the application form. Thanks!

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