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Adult Small Boat 

Small boat sailing is a simple, inexpensive way to get started in the sport. The fundamental basics of sailing are most easily learned in small boats. 

Adult sailing classes are taught on RS QUEST boats. Please before you sign up, make sure to read our Admissions Policy


About the boat

  • Type: 2 to 4 person Dinghy (365kg max crew weight)

  • Typical Weight Range: 130-160kg

  • Length: 4.29m (14'1")

  • Beam: 1.83m (6'0")

  • Hull weight: 140kg (309lbs)

  • About: a modern family or training dinghy with features that move the game forward. Also a popular racing boat, and it is used in a variety of regattas around the world.

  • Speed scale: 3/5

  • Class recognition: no

  • Builder website

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