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Watersport Race Management Solutions

Whether you are running an event for the first time or an experienced event planner, we can provide the tools to help you succeed.

Regattas come in many sizes and types; regardless of size or complexity, the basic organizational guidelines are the same for all, and we can help you! 

What We Do:

  • Event planning: useful tools to help you as you prepare for your regatta. These are not definitive as each event will have its own parameters. 

    • Event Website & Registration​

    • Regatta Planning Countdown Schedule

    • Race Committee - Roles and Responsibilities

    • Resources needed when running a racing clinic

    • Planning documents

  • Safety: planning for safety, on and off the water, is particularly vital to any event. Your particular venue will make certain safety measures important and it’s vital that you develop a plan and collect the resources to meet the conditions and location of your regatta. A meticulous troubleshooting walk around the event site and approaches by land and water will identify any potentially dangerous situations. We do this months ahead, so remedies can be implemented. 

    • Safety Plan​

    • Safety Training for Coaches & Team Leaders

    • Emergency Action Plan

    • Safety boats

    • Code of Conduct

    • Waivers

    • Rescue Procedures

    • On the water:

      • Race course set-up​

      • Safety and rescue boats with trained staff

  • Budgets, Permits & Housing: these is the core of any successful event. Monthly accounting will keep you aware of where you stand and help prevent your regatta from going into the red. With careful accounting and good fundraising, most regattas can manage at a minimum to break even and many can be profitable.  

    • Regatta Budget​

    • Regatta Meal Planning

    • Marine Events Permits

    • Housing and Transportation for International Events

  • Clean Regatta: we can help you run a a clean event by providing the support and resources to help conserve and protect the ocean. If you're hosting an event on the water, you should follow a strong sustainability plan, the backbone of every successful clean regatta.

  • Online Scoring: Sailing Regatta Network has streamlined regatta management and hosting an event less stressful. 

Call us now! We can help you provide a positive unforgettable experience to your competitor! 

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