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What is the OPTIMIST? 
The Optimist (or “Opti” for short) is an International Class small, single-handed (solo crew) dinghy with a fiberglass hull, a rig consisting of a set of spars (a mast, boom, and sprit), and a set of blades (rudder and daggerboard), is excellent for learning basic sailing skills. It's stable and can accommodate a wide range of child sizes and sailing abilities. It is one of the most popular class of dinghies in the world, with over 150,000 registered vessels, and ideal for young sailors who are just starting to sail and more advanced sailors interested in racing competitively.

The Opti Sailing Program

Specifically geared toward younger sailors (ages 7-15) and is organized into summer camps and an introductory Green Fleet and advanced Red, White, and Blue “RWB” Fleets. The children are taught the basics of sailing in an environment that focuses on fun and boating safety. Participants will learn sailing skills, terminology, and knots by means of games and activities, both on and off the water.  This program is part of Sea Masters Academy’s Long-Term Sailor Development Strategy to keep sailors engaged and continue their involvement in sailing throughout life, with dinghies and keelboats, racing and cruising. 


The Opti Sailing Program follows the US SAILING Youth Development Model, a model comprised  of five stages designed to create a healthy sport experience and support an athlete’s advancement based on their physical, mental and emotional level, and potential for growth. All kids must be able to swim and tread water comfortably, in order to participate in our activities.

Below you will find the "Parents Guide to Opti" with all the details and requirements to join the program, please read carefully!  


Year-round programs:


Green Fleet

The Opti Green Fleet program is intended to be an introduction to sailing for sailors ages 8-14 who have either completed one or more two-week sessions at a SMA summer camp, or are beginner sailors. In the Green Fleet program, young sailors are taught the basics of sailing, boat handling, sail trim, sailboat racing, rules, tactics, and basic strategies. Learn more on the Parent's Guide to Opti below!


OPTI RACE TEAM - Red, White & Blue Fleets

(Club / Class Members Only)

Optimist RWB Fleets are age group fleets that Green Fleet sailors graduate to after proving proficiency at sailing and racing. The RWB Fleets are based solely on the sailor’s age as follows:

    • White Fleet is for skippers who are 10 and under

    • Blue Fleet is for skippers who are 11 or 12

    • Red Fleet is for skippers who are 13, 14 


To become a club member click HERE

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