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"Safety, Fun, and Learning"

It's a seasonal program tailored to high school students competing as high school teams on double-handed boats (two-persons). The main purpose of this program is to develop their sailing skills as well as other social and personal skills that will help them throughout their lives..teamwork, communication skills, leadership and problem solving skills.  Sailing is a sport where you can develop essential skills that will shape you into a better citizen and more reliable person. 

How it works?​
Following the success of the US High School and College Sailing programs, our program is a replica of their approach to sailing. 
  • Designed to get kids involved in the sport

  • Treated just like any other sport and sports team

  • No experience necessary, just need a willingness to learn new things

  • Different from other sports, all day events not two hour games

  • It's 12 weeks long and it starts the first week of March

Varsity vs. Junior Varsity


  • Varsity team is for returning sailors

  • JV team is for new sailors with little to no-experience

  • If you have previous experience you can be moved up to Varsity within the first couple of weeks of practices

If your kid is interested in representing his/her school, please contact us for more information on how to join! 

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