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This is where we distinguish the day-sailors from the seriously competitive sailors. A sole commitment: to become a better, faster and more strategic sailor... to win!  


As a well estructured sailing school in panama, we have racing programmes designed for youngsters as well as adults.  The racing programme is tailored to prepare all sailors with high skills of racing technique and strategy.  The fundamentals of racing are most easily learned on small boats, which are affordable and easy to transport and store.  To be part of the Racing Fleet, you must be an active Club Member first! 


Our Fleet: RS Sailboats


Our small boats are designed for youth and adults, and they provide a lifetime of enjoyment.  Because of their size and simplicity, many small sailboats can be sailed single-handed or with one or two-crew members. Our boats will bring you relaxing days on the water, adventurous family fun or challenging competition all in one!  


DEC. 21st 2019


Coming Soon!

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Panama City, Panama

The National Standard for Quality Sailing Instruction in Panama