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To provide leadership, integrity and advancement for the sport of sailing in Panama. 

Sea Masters Academy was established in 2015, becoming the first sailing academy to open in the Republic of Panama. Founded to provide excellent standards of education and service to its club members, and for the development of high-level sailors and sail racing experts. ​

We envision the Bay of Panama spotted with beautiful, colorful sails and spinnakers...


Sailing is a way of life!

At our core, lies a profound sailing culture, one in which water-men and -women embrace the power of wind, appreciate nature and take care of its treasures for the present and future generations of sailors. 


Sailing is one of the few sports where family members can enjoy the excitement of harnessing the power of wind together for a lifetime!

We are the national standard for quality sailing instruction in Panama. Our mission is to increase sailing participation and excellence through education, competition and equal opportunity, while upholding the principles of fair play, sportsmanship and safety.

Guillermo Gasperi

Founder & Head Coach

Director's Welcome,

To harness the power of the wind is the most challenging, yet exciting and rewarding experience in the world! The joy that comes from sharing that experience with people of all ages, in a place so fortunate as the Republic of Panama, is a privilege that can only be expressed through the creation of a school entirely dedicated to it! 

I have started this journey in order to share my passion of sailing with everyone who comes to our sailing school in Panama; to give our students and club members the opportunity to feel the thrill and flow of nature's elements firsthand, and teach as many people as possible the skills it takes to become excellent in the continuous practice of the sport and art of sailing!


We strive to cultivate within each member the talent and discipline necessary to become independent sailors, the sportsmanship it takes to be gentle men and women of the seas, and the resourcefulness that can only be expected of our future generations' expert sailors. 




Guillermo J. Gasperi
Founder & Head Coach

Certified Instructor

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Proud Member Organization of US SAILING
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